Wudang Sword Ep33 Eng Sub | Kukan Drama

Several masters of the Wudang Sect were killed one after another during the late Ming Dynasty, and their murders were never resolved. Many years later, the orphaned Geng Yujing has grown into a young man. Along with Dongfang Liang and Zheng Qiao'er, the youthful heroes resolve the mysteries of the pugilistic world.
It was a time when the imperial court was rife with corruption, and Nurhaci from outside the borders was like a tiger eyeing its prey. Wudang lay disciple Geng Jingshi (Wei Lisi) and his beloved wife have eloped to Liaodong. They fall victim to a plot by Nurhachi's subordinate Jin Dinghe to frame them as traitors. Geng Jingshi and the entire He family are massacred leaving only their son, Geng Yujing, as the sole survivor.
As a lay disciple of Wudang, Geng Yujing (Yu Leyi) strikes a friendship with Dongfang Liang (Zhou Hang) after engaging him in a fight. After Geng Yujing is forced to leave Wudang, he seeks to investigate the grievances from the past with the help of Zheng Tiegang (Yang Meng) and his granddaughter Zheng Qiao'er (Chai Biyun). During this period, Geng Yujing experiences tumultuous changes in his life from a painful betrayal to the disappearance of his lover. Geng Yujing continues to grow and improve as he eventually becomes the First Sword of Wudang and reaches the highest realm of Taoism.

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