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Former Hurricane Epsilon helps send 50-70’ faces in one of the largest October swells in history to Nazare and the rest of Europe. Get real-time data updates and more here: https://www.surfline.com/surf-news/live-north-atlantic-xxl-swell-watch-nazare-and-massive-european-surf/101741
Well, the gasoline was just thrown on the fire. The explosive setup in the Northern Atlantic we outlined last week has come to fruition. A huge, XXL swell slams Nazare and the rest of Europe after former Hurricane Epsilon underwent extratropical transition on Sunday, merging with a cold (non-tropical) low pressure near Greenland on Monday. These atmospheric ingredients often produce the largest and strongest storms on earth (think back to ‘The Perfect Storm in October ’91) and all the realtime data that we’ve gathered thus far indicates that everything is on track for a macking swell.
Looking specifically at Nazare and the surrounding breaks, we should see very long period swell quickly come up through Wednesday afternoon and evening, with a peak expected during the overnight hours. The largest surf during the daylight hours should occur Wednesday evening, and first thing Thursday morning. With the favorable swell direction and period, waves should be in the 50-70’ range with the max sets of the day potentially even bigger. Looking back at 40+ years of data, a swell of this magnitude happens roughly every two and a half years — this could be one of the largest October swells on record.
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