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White Haired Devil Lady
Director: Zhou Tianyu
Starring: Zhang Weina/ Shi Junzhe/ Xu Shaoqiang/ Wu Dake/ Wang Xi/ Wang Peng/ He Jianfeng/ Zhang Qi/ Cai Yingying
Genre: Ancient Costume / Martial Arts / Action
Introduction: "The White Haired Witch" is adapted from the original novel of the same name by Liang Yusheng. Re-interpreting the classic love-hate story of the white-haired witch practicing her dress and Wudang head Zhuo Yihang, the turbulent martial arts battle from temples to rivers and lakes in the chaos of the late Ming Dynasty. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the emperor was seriously ill, and Dongchang Wei Gonggong (played by Xu Shaoqiang) tried to seize power. Wudang disciple Zhuo Yihang (played by Shi Junzhe) was ordered to escort a red pill to the emperor for treatment, but was attacked by Mingyuezhai people on the way. During the confrontation, Zhuo Yihang discovered that the attacker was the wolf girl (Zhang Weina) whom he had saved as a child. However, the lover is no match for the adulterer to frame, Zhuo Yihang misunderstands that practicing Nishang kills the head of Wudang. Lian Nishang was arrested and imprisoned, turning his head in distress for a moment, and increasing his force.

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