The Success Of Empyrean Xuan Emperor | 1-50 Complete Episode

Wang Fan, who owns the Nine Heavens Profound Emperor Jue, which originated from martial arts, was originally an ordinary student of the Golden Academy. In order to avenge his brother, he put on the silver tiger king mask.

Wang Fan, who masters the original technique of martial arts, Empyrean Xuan Knack, used to be just a common student in the Golden Academy. However, to revenge for his senior, he put on the Silver Tiger King Mask, and since then, the name of Silver Tiger King has been dominating the world. I'm Wang Fan. Wang stands for the king and Fan means being common. With the mask, I'm Silver Tiger King, but without it, I am but a common man.

Wang Fan, who possessed the Emperor Xuan’s Nine Heavens Martial Technique, was originally just a disciple of the Haung Jin Academy. In order to avenge his brother, he wore the mask of the Silver Tiger King.

From then on, there was one more Silver Tiger King threatening the world! My name is Wang Fan, king of kings, ordinary Fan. Put on the mask, I am the Silver Tiger King. Take off the mask, I am an ordinary Wang Fan. Wang from the word True king, Fan from the word common. If I take off the mask, I’m just an ordinary Wang Fan..

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