Sweet BodyGuard (2022) | Superhit Hollywood Full Action Hindi Dubbed Movie

Movie: Sweet BodyGuard
Starcast: Tin-Chiu Hung, Qian Siyi
Director: Xiaogang Fang
Production company: Duggu Cinema

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It tells the original Chinese special police team member Li Lingfeng (Hong Tianyuan) in an action to block foreign terrorists because of the failure of the task, witnessing the sacrifice of his teammates, and psychologically carrying self -blame, it is difficult to pass through the psychological psychological wayKan, despite the review and verification of the police force, determined that Ling Feng had no responsibility, the police team retained repeatedly, Lingfeng still chose to retire. Three years later, he entered a bodyguard company.To restrict the discipline of her daughter Liu Mengyao (Qian Siyi), so she finds a bodyguard to follow Liu Mengyao. One can protect Meng Yao's safety, and the other is to control Mengyao to avoid Mengyao from being out of trouble.So Li Lingfeng became a personal bodyguard of the rebellious Liu Mengyao, and the two had a series of interesting things.When Mengyao left his home, he was hijacked by the kidnapper when he went to Thailand to play, and Li Lingfeng rushed to rescue him in time.
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