Soul of Creature (2023) | Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Action Thriller Movie | Full Action Movie

Soul of Creature (2023) New Release Hindi Dubbed Hollywood Action Thriller Movie | Full Action Movie
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►Movie: Soul of Creature (2023)
►Director : Zhu Jiang
►Screenwriter : Zhu Na
►Starring : Zhang Junming / Tan Xiaofan / Li Feiran / Lin Xuepiao / Guo Jiayi / More...
►Genre: Action / Suspense / Fantasy
►Language: Hindi
►Release Date: 2022 -05-06 (Mainland China)
►Length: 82 minutes
►Also known as Bian Que Shen Zhen
During the period of the Republic of China, the Jinmen Wharf, where fish and dragons were mixed, was in trouble again, and Water Transport and the Qinglong Gang fought for business. Qin Fan, the descendant of Bian Que's Acupuncture, went to be a peacemaker, but "killed" two gang brothers by mistake. He was charged as a villain who murdered and stole the corpse and escaped from prison, and was hunted down by the police and the two gangs. Qin Fan, who has no memory of how he escaped from the prison, decided to personally find out the real cause of death of the body thief and the two younger brothers. During the investigation process, he found that behind the gang fight was a foreigner who wanted to steal a large amount of drugs secretly. The ruse of shipping into China. The whole wharf is filled with opium dens, and the foreigners' conspiracy to harm the country continues to harm the people. Can Qin Fan escape safely? And how to stop the evil deeds of foreigners?
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