Rashtra Kavach Om Full Movie | Aditya Roy Kapoor

A ship attack is coordinated by Murthy (special unit incharge) and Jai Rathore with permission of PM Vandana. The mission was to extract Kavach (an advanced nuclear disarming technology), which was led by para-commando Om Rathore. However, there is a power outage at co-ordination center and Om is shot in his head. It is revealed that Om is Jai's son.
3 months later, Kavya Sharma takes care of a comatose Om. When Om wakes up of childhood trauma, Rohit (a colleague of Om and Kavya) informs by kavya that Om is awake and he informs Jai, Murthy and Vandana about it. Om's place is attacked, but he is saved by Kavya. Om insists Kavya to take him to Kasauli 11 km marker, the clue to his childhood trauma. It is revealed that Om's father happens to be Dev Rathore, brother of Jai.
In a flashback; Dev, a brilliant nuclear scientist, proposes to Murthy and Jai to develop Kavach that would be India's defense against nuclear war with the help of DRDO. After approval, Dev is shown kidnapped by his colleagues and his house is burnt. Dev, separated from rishi by flames, tells him to run away. Jai arrives on the scene and saves Rishi. During interrogation, a helper reveals Dev burnt his house himself with 2 others, thus publicizing Dev as national traitor. Dev goes missing and Jai adopts Rishi. Following another accident in which Jai's real son Om dies due to an attack on his house killing Dev's house helper, Rishi adopts the name Om and grows up to become a para-commando.
In the present, Dev tests Kavach for auctioneers in Armenia. This activity is caught by Rohit and Dev is reconfirmed to be a traitor. Vandana decommissions the chase for Kavach, but Jai resolves to continue since he believes in Dev but he is shot dead. Om finds a flash drive left by Jai with a coded message for him to go to Armenia which is where the climax is set. It is revealed that Jai was killed by his own brother and best friend, both are involved in this crime. Om kill his own father and secure Kavach bringing it back to its rightful place.
In the aftermath; Om, Yashvi and Kavya mourn Jai's demise. Om gets a call for his next mission.

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