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The Wuxia Martial Arts Action film "Marshal Mu Guiying, Break the Heavenly Gate Formation 穆桂英掛帥破天門" tells about the war between Song and Liao during the Northern Song Dynasty. Yang Zongbao and his father Yang Yanzhao led an army to fight back against the Liao army and recover the lost territory. Unexpectedly, Empress Dowager Xiao of Liao ordered a wizard to set up the Heavenly Gate Formation, resulting in heavy casualties for the Song army. Yang Zongbao was ordered to go to Muke Fortress for the dragon-subduing wood.
Produced by:Bai Shuman, Lei Chenyu, Li Wenhao.
Directed by: Diao Lulu, Bai Shuman.
Screenplay by: Han Xiaoruo, Bai Shuman, Cai Yujun.
Starring: Han Feier, Zhu Tingbei, Yang Zi, Ka-Yan Leyng, Chi Mohan.
Genres: Action/Fiction

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