Live: Craziest Volcano in SPAIN 🌋 La Palma Volcano Eruption. Cumbre Vieja

La Palma volcano live 24/7. Amazing Lava Eruption in La Palma. Cumbre Vieja volcano in Spain (december 2021). The new flow, in the Las Manchas locality, was moving very quickly at 600 metres an hour, destroying dwellings and burning trees in its path. The volcano has shown no sign of letting up its activity after over two months. Around 85,000 people live on La Palma. Most of the island is unaffected by the eruption. More than 7,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, as the molten rock has covered more than 997 hectares (2,463 acres) and crushed or damaged more than 2,200 buildings.
The deputy technical director of Pevolca, Francisco Prieto, indicated at a press conference that everything suggests that the volcano exceeded the 84 days that the eruption of the Tajuya volcano lasted in 1585, even the 82 that the eruption of the Martín volcano lasted in 1646. Francisco Prieto added that the eruption has already lasted 70 days and in principle the forecast is not that it will end in the short term. And as for the affected surface, he pointed out that this eruption has long exceeded that of previous eruptions.
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