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Boshen Boshen Song is a Bangla New Song made with Dipjol's Sefat Ullah's Khan Helal's Ahsan Habib Piar's Subha's and some more famous personality's Dialogues. Hopefully you guys will love this official music video.
Behind the scene of Boshen Boshen Song-
Composed By Dj Alvee
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Song: Boshen Boshen Song
Voice & Lyrics by Dipjol,Khan Helal,Sefat Ullah,Subha,Ahsan Habib Piar
Composed by Dj Alvee
Starring: Full Ajaira Team
Cinemetography - Atif Khan Srabon | Prottoy Heron | Ahsan Abir | Samiul
Choreography - Prottoy Heron | Minhaj Imran
Production Manager: Atif khan Srabon
Edit & Color: Prottoy Heron
Thumbnail: Ahsan Habib Niloy & Dj Alvee
Theme & Directed by Team Ajaira
Dudu Khao Song-
Mod kha song-
H2o song-
#boshenboshensong #Ajairaltd #banglasong
the ajaira ltd
bangla eid special 2018
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