Upay Mobile Banking, Dial Code, Balance Check, Offer

Upay Mobile Banking, Dial Code, Balance Check, Offer

Upay Mobile Banking, Dial Code, Balance Check, Offer! “Upay” is a new mobile banking service in Bangladesh, It has already had a great impact on cities and villages, Upay Mobile Banking provides Cash In, Cash out, Send Money, Make Payments, and more.

Upay Mobile Banking customers can enjoy Bangladesh all operator mobile recharge service with an excellent reword bonus offer.

You can pay Bangladesh Traffic fine fees with your Upay Wallet, “Upay” a Digital Financial Service in Bangladesh, It controls United Commercial Bank Limited.


Upay Mobile Banking Dial Code

The Upay Mobile Banking dial code is *268#, a customer can avail Most services by dialling this code *268#

How to Check Upay Mobile Banking Balance

To Check Upay Mobile Banking Balance Simply Dial *268#> Select My Upay> Then Click, Check BalanceSubmit your Upay PIN.

Upay Cash out Charge!

  • From UCB ATM You will charge Tk.8 per 1,000/-
  • From Upay Agent, using the Upay app and code *268#, you will charge Tk.14 per 1,000/-

Upay Mobile Banking Self Registration Bonus

Download the “Upay” app from the Play Store, complete your self-registration and log in instantly to get a 25 Taka “cash reward”. Within 7 days of the first app login, the customer receives a further “cash reward” of TK.25 for a single mobile recharge transaction of Tk 50 or more from the app.

Upay Mobile Banking


Upay Help Line number: 16268

Web: https://www.upaybd.com/


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