Robi WiFi : High Speed WiFi Internet
Robi WiFi : High Speed WiFi Internet

Robi WiFi : High Speed WiFi Internet

Robi WiFi is a brand new concept through which users can enjoy high-speed data browsing using WiFi instead of Mobile Data when under Robi WiFi coverage. This enables you to experience the Internet on a whole new level for the first time in Bangladesh!


  • High-Speed WiFi Internet: Browse the Internet using Robi’s WiFi network as well as Robi’s best 4.5G network to ensure maximum speed and best connectivity!
  • Smart Switch: Always get the best possible speeds through our Smart Switch technology which automatically switches between WiFi and 4.5G network based on real-time signal strength!
  • Easy Setup: Simply purchase any of the Robi WiFi packs below, click on the link in the Notificaiton Text (, and follow the instructions in the link to set up Robi WiFi on your phone in minutes! Alternatively, users can manually set RobiWiFi up by following the instructions provided here.

*Currently only available in specific areas of Cox’s Bazar, city of the largest sea beach in the world!

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Robi WiFi : High Speed WiFi Internet

Robi WiFi Data Packs

Price Quota Validity
Mobile Data WiFi Bonus Total Data
89 1 GB 3 GB 4 GB 7 Days
289 3 GB 9 GB 12 GB 28 Days

Purchase Code: *123*9434# (WiFi)

How to Use

1. Dial *123*9434# to access the Robi WiFi Data Menu

2. Select your desired offer and activate it

3. Follow the link in the notification text (or click on to set up WiFi on your phone1

4. Enjoy high speed WiFi internet on the go!2

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Coverage Area


  • Kolatoli Sugonda Beach Zone
  • Kolatoli Dolphin Moor Beach Zone
  • Mallika Burmiz Market
  • An Nahar Shopping Complex
  • Chowdhury Barmez Market
  • Alo Chaya Barmez Market
  • Banu Plaza Burmiz Market
  • Hotel Cox's Bazar, Laldighi
  • Mega Mart, Boro Bazar
  • Saudia Burmiz Market
  • Amena Shopping Complex
  • Ume Barmiz Market
  • Ashrafia Barmiz Market
  • Abu Center Barmiz Market
  • A Salam Market

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