Robi Know More About VoLTE
Robi Know More About VoLTE

Robi Know More About VoLTE

Robi offers VoLTE service that improves the conventional calling technology by providing clear voice quality, quicker call connections, and enhanced battery efficiency.

Benefits of Robi VoLTE

  • Instant Call connection
  • Supports simultaneous voice and data usage
  • Multiple times better call quality
  • Battery Performance enhances

What is VoLTE? What is it benefits?

Full form of VoLTE is Voice over LTE. VoLTE is a technology wherein you can simultaneously send voice and data over the network without diminishing quality of voice.

  • Superior HD Voice quality
  • Faster Call connectivity
  • Using of voice call and data simultaneously
  • Voice calls will be more stable and better battery life enhances

What are the prerequisites for availing VoLTE? How can I use VoLTE? What do I need for VoLTE?

For availing Robi VoLTE Services, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • USIM of 4G SIM card
  • VoLTE-enabled handset & VOLTE enabled from handset option.
  • User currently in Robi VoLTE coverage area
  • VOLTE is provisioned for the user.

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Robi Know More About VoLTE


To avail VoLTE features both caller and receiver should have the USIM, VoLTE enabled Handset and under VoLTE coverage area.

What is USIM card? Why do I need USIM card? What are the benefits of USIM Card?

USIM is 4G/VoLTE enabled SIM card. To avail 4G/VoLTE service you need to have an USIM card+VoLTE enabled handset+VoLTE coverage area. The main benefit is to ready the user for 4G/VoLTE network.

Do I need a VoLTE enabled device to use USIM Card?

You don’t need a VoLTE device to use the USIM card. But you need VoLTE enabled device and USIM to experience the VoLTE service under VoLTE coverage area.

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What is the charge for USIM replacement?

Regular SIM replacement fee is applicable.

Will there be any extra charges for VoLTE services? Is there any chance of bill shock, if I use VoLTE?

No. You do not have to pay extra for VoLTE services.

How to get or buy a mobile phone that supports VoLTE?

Please check from the list in this page to find out which phone support VoLTE.

How do I know if my handset supports VoLTE? How can I enable VoLTE in my handset?

First, enable VoLTE from your handset. Then go to “My Robi” app and from quick links click “Volte”. Then toggle on the option.

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