Jio Set Top Box​ Enjoy LIVE TV and OTT Content on One Device
Jio Set Top Box​ Enjoy LIVE TV and OTT Content on One Device

Jio Set Top Box​ Enjoy LIVE TV and OTT Content on One Device

Jio Set Top Box​ Enjoy LIVE TV and OTT content on one device

Every TV will now be SMART! Jio Set-top box brings together 550+ on demand live channels, thousands of videos and movies, OTT content from 16+ OTT apps, 200+ apps from JioStore, and 150+ interactive games in one place.

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Jio Set Top Box​ Enjoy LIVE TV and OTT Content on One Device

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How to get an add-on Jio Set-Top Box connection and what are the charges for the same?

You can purchase an additional Jio Set Top Box at a price of ₹5499 (Including GST). The customer service centre can take a request (1800-896-9999 or [email protected]) to send our Home Care Engineer at your location to deliver and install Set Top Box.

Please note, since, additional Set Top Box will be solely owned by you after you purchase, there will be no refund given for this device even if the services get cancelled.

Once installed, can Jio Set Top Box be connected to another TV?

Yes, the Jio Set Top Box can easily be shifted and connected to another TV.

You can move it from room to another room and use it with other HDMI enabled display devices.

There is no need to set up your device again, as long as your Jio Set Top Box is connected to the same JioFiber network.

How can I adjust my Jio Set Top Box screen dimensions to match my TV screen?

Yes, you can adjust screen dimensions on Jio Set Top Box by using the Overscan feature. To adjust follow below steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select "Display & Audio Settings"
  • Select "Overscan" and follow on screen instructions to adjust Screen dimensions

How do I connect the Jio Set Top Box over Wi-Fi?

To connect Jio Set Top Box over Wi-Fi with your Jio Home Gateway (Router) via ‘SSID/Wi-Fi name and Password’:

  • Ensure that your Ethernet cable is unplugged in case it is connected
  • Go to Settings or select Wi-Fi icon on Home Screen
  • In settings Select Network
  • From an available network tab, select the Wi-Fi (SSID) to which you want to connect your Set Top Box to
  • Enter the password for the corresponding SSID

You’ll get acknowledgment screen displaying ‘Successfully Connected’

Do I have to pay any additional charges for installation of additional Jio Set Top Box?

No, currently there are no installation charges.

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