Free Postpaid SIM Coupon Campaign
Free Postpaid SIM Coupon Campaign

Free Postpaid SIM Coupon Campaign

Robi has launched Free Postpaid SIM Coupon campaign with

  • Samsung
  • Realme
  • Xiaomi

Customers while purchasing handsets from mentioned partners outlet will get Free Postpaid SIM coupon & this offer is valid for Robi Postpaid customers only. To know the eligible handset lists dial *123*087#

Robi Customer offer:

1. Free one Robi Postpaid SIM

SIM Offer

I. Call Rate: 50paisa/min, 1sec pulse
II.SMS Rate: 25paisa/item
III. Activation Bonus: Total 18GB

  • First Month 2GB for 7 days validity
  • 2nd Month onwards:
    • 1GB/month up to 5months
    • 1GB/month based on 50Taka usage on previous month up to 11 months
    • 100SMS/ month bonus lifetime
  • Exclusive ACE Plans at *0*1#

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Free Postpaid SIM Coupon Campaign

2. Free welcome Data offer for Samsung customers


Price range Total Internet offer Validity Monthly No of months
Below 8K 8GB 4G 7 days 4GB 4G per month 2 months


Price range Total Internet offer Validity Monthly No of months
8K-20K 12GB 4G 7 days 4GB 4G per month 3 months


Price range Total Internet offer Validity Monthly No of months
20K above 15GB 4G 7 days 5GB 4G per month 3 months

3. Special ACE Plan

Price Offer Validity Recharge Types
98 70 min + 2.5GB (1.5GB + 1GB 4G) 7 Days Easyload/Apps/*0*1*8#
198 165 min + 3.5GB (2.5GB + 1GB 4G) 30 Days Easyload/Apps/*0*1*7#
298 275 min + 6GB (5GB + 1GB 4G) 30 Days Easyload/Apps/*0*1*6#
498 720 min +14GB (12GB + 2GB 4G) 30 Days Easyload/Apps/*0*1*5#
598 800 min + 16GB (13GB + 3GB 4G) 30 Days Easyload/Apps/*0*1*4#
798 950 min + 28GB (23GB + 5GB 4G) 30 Days Easyload/Apps/*0*1*3#
998 1500 min + 50GB (30GB + 20GB 4G) 30 Days Easyload/Apps/*0*1*2#
1998 2850 min + 70GB (50GB + 20GB 4G) 90 Days Easyload/Apps/*0*1*1#

4. 50% Bonus on Pack Purchase for Robi customers only

Price Bundle benefits 4G Data Bonus Validity
148 6 GB + 1 GB 4G 3.5 GB 7 Days
749 15 GB + 650 Any Net Minuten 7.5 GB 30 Days
339 6 GB + 2 GB OTT + 250 Any Net Minute 4 GB 28 Days

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5. Contract bundle where customers will be enjoyed data till 12 months

Price Internet/Month (4G only) Validity Total Internet for one Year Recharge Types
1997 10 GB 30 Days 120 GB USSD *123*084#
1497 5 GB 30 Days 60 GB
996 3 GB 30 Days 36 GB
502 1 GB 30 Days 12 GB

  • All Existing & New Robi Pre-paid Mass & SME (Except PCO & easy load) subscribers are eligible for this offer
  • After purchasing a specific handset, the customer will generate a successful voice call to any valid Mobile No to register for eligibility checking. The customer must have a minimum balance in the main account to make a valid call.
  • Bonus will be disbursed within 48hrs from tagging
  • If any subscriber is inactive for more than 180 days will get the offer after 24 Hrs from 1st tagging. To get the bonus subscriber have to make another call after 24 hrs from activation tagging with the handset
  • We will consider the Mobile no and IMEI upon first tagging
  • Multiple Mobile no & IMEI tagging will not be considered
  • To check the internet: *8444*88# or *3#

  • Campaign customers will get a Free 4G SIM coupon with Specific Samsung 4G HS from OEMs outlets
  • Campaign customers will visit the nearest Robi Sheba Points to collect the free Postpaid SIM with necessary documents (Free SIM Coupon, H/S purchase invoice copy, Photo & NID Copy)
  • Robi WIC concerned person will cross-check the documents. If the documents are ok then issue a postpaid SIM as FOC to the customer as well as activation will be done accordingly.

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