Enjoy 50% OFF on 10 rides of UberX and Uber Moto for Chittagong

Enjoy 50% OFF on 10 rides of UberX and Uber Moto for Chittagong

Uber Offer for Chittagong

Offer :

1. UberX: Enjoy 50% OFF on UberX for 10 rides. Maximum discount Tk50/trip

2. Uber Moto: Enjoy 50%OFF on Uber Moto for 10 rides! Max discount Tk35/trip

Valid till: Valid Till 17th March'19

Uber Offer for Chittagong

Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/UberBangladesh

Condition: This offer only valid for Chittagong Uber User

Promo Code: 

1. UberX: Apply code UBERX4ROBI or click t.uber.com/UBERX4ROBI till 17th March’19

2. Uber Moto: Apply code MOTO4ROBI or click t.uber.com/MOTO4ROBI till 17th March’19

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