Dhaka Ambulance Service Latest Contact Number 2023
Dhaka Ambulance Service Latest Contact Number 2023

Dhaka Ambulance Service Latest Contact Number 2023

Everyday thousands of people need Dhaka Ambulance Service Contact Number. For this reason we write this article very carefully. All information added recently.

You can contact this numbers 24 hours & 7 days in a week. If you have more information about this pls send us a comment bellow section. If this article helpful for you share this for your friends.

Dhaka Ambulance Service Contact Number | Hospitals

24 Ambulance Service

Phone: 01911125156

Ad-Din Hospital

Phone: 10610, 02-9362929, 01713-488411, 01713-488412

Anjuman-E-Mofidul Islam

Phone: 02-9336611, 02-7411680, 02-7410786

Apanjon Ambulance Service

Phone: 9125420

Bangladesh Medical College Hospital

Phone: 02-9118202, 02-9120793, 02-8115843

Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU)

Phone: 02-8614001-5, 02-8614545-9, 02-8612550-4


Phone: 02-9661551-60, 02-8616641-50, Ext-2301

CMH (Dhaka)

Phone: 02-9871469, 02-9870011, 02-8114666-75, 02-8822779

Evercare Hospital

Mobile: 01714-090000

Fire Brigade Ambulance Service List

Phone: 02-9555555, 02-9556666-7, 02-9553333-7

Dhaka City Corporation (Mirpur Control Room)

Phone: 02-9004734

Dhaka City Corporation (Nagar Bhaban Control Room)

Phone: 02-9556014, 02-9556018, 02-9557186-87

Dhaka Eye Hospital

Phone: 02-8014476

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Dhaka Ambulance Service Latest Contact Number 2023

Dhaka Medical College Hospital

Phone: 02-8626812-19, 02-8626823, 02-9669340

Dhaka Renal Centre & Genera Hospital

Phone: 02-8610928, 02-8621841

Green Ambulance Service

Phone: 02-9334121, 02-8612412

Heart Hospital

Phone: 02-9801874, 02-9803302

Holy Family Red Crescent Hospital

Phone: 02-8311721-5, 02-9113512

ICDDRB (Mohakhali)

Phone: 02-8811751-60, 02-600171-8

Islamia Optical Hospital

Phone: 02-9119315

Lab-Aid Cardiac Hospital (Banani – Baridhara – Uttara Rayer)

Phone: 01713-333337, 01715-120229, 01715-154590

Lab-Aid Cardiac Hospital (Dhanmondi-Azimpur-Shahbagh)

Phone: 01713-333337, 01713-025911

Lab-Aid Cardiac Hospital (Bazaar- Lalmatia- Mohammadpur)

Phone: 01713-333337, 01715-120228

Lab-aid Hospital Ambulance service

Hotline: 10606, Ph: 01713-330088, 01713-091940

Life Line Healthcare Limited

Phone: 02-8155550-2

Medinova Medical Service Ltd.

Phone: 02-8113721, 02-9120288, 02-8620353-7, 02-86918583

Monowara Hospital (pvt.) Ltd.

Phone: 02-8318135, 02-8319802, 02-8318529

National Heart Institute

Phone: 02-9122560-72

Orthopedic Hospital

Phone: 02-9112150, 02-9114075, 02-7114812, 02-9112152

Online Ambulance service

Phone: 01627669222

Prime General Hospital

Phone: 02-9562267, 02-9559862

Red Crescent Society

Phone: 02-9330188-9, 02-9358799, 02-9113512, 02-8311721-5

Sir Salimullah Medical College & Mitford Hospital Ambulance Service

Phone: 02-7319002-6

Shikder Ambulance service

Phone : 01713260042

Shahid Suhrawardi Hospital

Phone: 02-9130800

Shishu Hospital

Phone: 02-8116061-2, 02-8114571-2

South Asian Hospital

Phone: 02-8616565, 02-9665852

Square Hospital

Phone: 02-8144466, 02-8159457 (Ext-2005), 01713-377773, 01713-377775

United Hospital

Phone: 02-8836000-10, 02-8836434-44, 02-8110864, 01914-001234

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Abir Ambulance

Phone: 01921-189289, 01786-492217

Abdul Ambulance

Mobile: 01724-464422

Adiba Ambulance

Mobile: 01712-131834

Abdin and konsus Ambulance

Phone: 01787-665907, 01911-538251

Alif Ambulance

Phone: 02-8117576, 02-9131688

Al-Markazul Islami Ambulance Service

Phone: 02-9127867, 02-8114980

Al-Sakib Ambulance

Mobile: 01711-060025

Al-Markajul Islami Ambulance Service

Mobile: 01316-111688

Asha and Modern Ambulance

Mobile: 01711-450839

Best Care Ambulance

Mobile: 01911-008118

Dabir Ambulance

Mobile: 01716-523576

Day-Night Ambulance Service

Phone: 02-9123073, 02-8122041

Desh Ambulance

Mobile: 01790-509607

Dhaka Ambulance

Mobile: 01714-325325

Kaium and Sotota Ambulance

Mobile: 01728-215630

Mahin Ambulance

Phone: 01774-983692, 01719-228739

MM Ambulance

Mobile: 01819-270157

MICU Ambulance

Mobile: 01716-269038

Rafa Ambulance Service

Phone: 02-9110663

Sajeda Hospital Ambulance

Mobile: 01777-772572

Shahbajpur Ambulance

Mobile: 01724-464422

Shefa Ambulance Services

Phone: 02-9111758, 02-8110864

Not Only that you can contact any time national number 999 for your urgent ambulance service. Dhaka Ambulance Service Latest Contact Number, Dhaka Ambulance Service Latest Contact Number, Dhaka Ambulance Service Latest Contact Number

About Dhaka City Health

Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh, with a population of over 21 million people. The city has a range of healthcare facilities, including government hospitals, private hospitals, and clinics, providing healthcare services to the residents of Dhaka.

Dhaka has several government hospitals, including the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, which is a tertiary care hospital with a capacity of over 2000 beds. The hospital provides specialized care in various departments, including medicine, surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, and obstetrics.

In addition to the government hospitals, there are also several private hospitals and clinics in Dhaka, providing medical care to patients. These hospitals are equipped with modern facilities and provide a range of services, including general health check-ups, specialized treatments, and diagnostic services.

Dhaka also has several health centers and clinics, which provide primary healthcare services to the people living in the surrounding areas. These health centers are staffed with trained medical professionals and offer basic medical services, including vaccinations, family planning, and maternal and child healthcare.

Overall, the healthcare facilities in Dhaka have improved significantly in recent years, with a focus on providing accessible and affordable healthcare services to the local population. However, like many other cities in developing countries, there are still challenges, such as a shortage of skilled healthcare workers and inadequate funding, which need to be addressed to improve the quality of healthcare services in the city.

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