BGMI APK 2.0 Download (Battlegrounds Mobile India)
BGMI APK 2.0 Download (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

BGMI APK 2.0 Download (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Download the latest version Of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI 2.0) for free and explore yourself in various Amazing Game features like maps, game modes, and exciting challenges. You can play solo or team up with your friends to get special rewards and kill your enemies instantly to get Chicken Dinner.

The New BGMI 2.0 update brings you Small Town, 4 New Street Gears in Shop, New Story Mode Map “Fort Ruins” with Non-Lethal Weapon “Violet Grenade”.You can now play non-lethal battles in Fort Ruins.

If you are facing any issues while installing BGMI 2.0 APK from the Play Store and want to download BGMI APK files to install it manually, then don’t worry; we are here to help you out.

Below we have provided the direct download link of BGMI 2.0 APK files, So download it and install it on your Android device and enjoy the battlegrounds action with your friends. You May Also Like To Get Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.0 Mod Apk File From The Link Provided At The End of The Post.

Please note that You need to take a backup before installing the latest BGMI 2.O APK on your android smartphone or tablet because it’s an official beta update and contains bugs, So it’s better to take a backup and proceed to install it.

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BGMI APK 2.0 Download (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Battlegrounds Mobile India download Apk + OBB 2.0

Before we download, let us know what is new in this version of Battlegrounds mobile India (BGMI 2.0 APK) And System requirements.

What’s new in this version of BGMI 2.O APK?

The New updates bring New Story Mode Map “Fort Ruins” with Non-Lethal Weapon “Violet Grenade”. You can also play non-lethal battles in Fort Ruins.

New Street Gears in Shop: You can now buy four different street gears from the shop. Baseball cap (Red/Blue), Sporty Glasses, Sporty Jacket, and Tinted Glasses.

New Weekly Leaderboard: A new leaderboard has been added to the game, where you can compete with your friends; how many kills have they gotten in the last seven days.

New Weather Effects: You will now see different weather effects like rain or snow during battle. New Weapon Skins are available to buy. Many new weapon skins have been added. You can also see these in the daily spin.

New Mini Cars: Mini cars from Street Racing Story have been added. These include Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S, and Mini Cabriolet. You can hire these from the shop >vehicle section or upgrade existing vehicles using gold coins to unlock them for free.

The latest version of BGMI APK Details

  • Name: Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk
  • Version:2.0
  • Update Size:351 MB
  • Publisher: Krafton, INC.
  • Updated: June 2022
  • Official Website:

How to Install Battleground Mobile India Download APK + OBB Files

How to Install BGMI APK 2.0 Step-by-Step details

To Install Battlegrounds Mobile India APK

  • Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and search BGMI or head to the Play Store via this link.
  • Step 2: Click on Install, and it will download automatically.
  • Step 3: After fully downloading, open the game and download some additional Game data (resource file).
  • Step 4: After downloading additional Source file Login/Signup using google accounts or via Facebook account, you’re now successfully Installed BGMI Game.
  • Note; If you are using mobile data, ensure that you have enough data, at least 2GB of Data.

BGMI APK Download Links

BGMI 2.0 Update Patch Notes preview

  • Transparent UI Mode in Matches
  • BGMI Setting More Optimized
  • Flight Route
  • Balancing
  • Head Shot Sound Effects
  • Improved UAZ & BUS Durability
  • Track Your Enemies
  • Anti-aliasing Level
  • Faster Scope Adjustment
  • Hold to Prone
  • Sprint Sensitivity ( 0 to 100)
  • Vikendi 2.0 Map
  • Dynahex Supply Shop
  • AI Mode
  • Capture Highlights Moments (Automatically)
  • Evo ground Modes
  • Cell-Matrix Robot
  • Basic Setting Updated
  • Flora Menance Mode
  • Scope Focal Lenght Adjustment
  • More Gameplay Customization Added
  • Cell-Matrix
  • Show Route Option Added to the Map
  • New Weapon Added (P1911, FAMAS, AK12)
  • Bots Lobby

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How To Get Anna Character In BGMI

Recently the developers of BGMI and BGMI Lite APK have released an update for their game, and it’s available now on Google Playstore! The new version is called 2.0, with many improvements to make gameplay smoother than ever before. If you haven’t downloaded this yet, then head over there right away, as I’m sure that by reading this far into my article, we’re both excited about playing more games together soon enough.

BGMI APK 2.0 Update- Features and Changelogs

Many of the players wanted to know about our upcoming changes and features and New collector titles. So here are five significant updates in BGMI version 2.0, which has released last month.

It also makes catching up more challenging than ever. You might want something like multiplayer mod “Cowboy Up” if your friends keep running away from confrontations. And a New “Anna Character” is also available on this update.

In the latest BGMI APK 2.0 update, players will get a better graphics option and smoother animations. This means less lag, so you can play all day without getting tired or bored.

A new control has been added for players who are carrying their knocked teammates or squadmates to not have any more difficulty while running.

The BGMI developer has unlocked the Payload 2.0 mode and War modes with some free UC Rewards. Players can recall their dead teammates using Recall towers available on every map; it also introduces RPG games for an even more enjoyable experience overall.

BGMI 2.0 APK Update Size.

The BGMI 2.0 update is no different from previous versions as it also contains two separate files – one for the APK and another called OBBIB, which require you to download them on your device before installing this update. You can find their sizes below-

BGMI APK 2.0 OBB File 780 MB Download

BGMI APK 2.0 APK File 90 MB Download

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Battlegrounds Mobile India?

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is mainly a revamped version of PUBG Mobile in India. Still, there are some changes, including games that are more focused on India and special events that are only available in India in this specific version. This version will also complete the creation of Korea People.

Krafton, this means that there is no problem with the Chinese application that our government has been paying attention to. Secondly, since this game is classified as violent and not suitable for children, there will be changes such as green blood effects, full-equipped characters, and a 3-hour limit.

Is BGMI and PUBG same?

The Answers are Both Yes and No. If you compare it with the Global version of PUBG Mobile, this BGMI isn’t the same, but BGMI Game is very similar to PUBG Mobile India in terms of features, in-game content, and gameplay. Battlegrounds Mobile India comes with some changes that are not available in PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is entirely focused on the Indian Audience Only, and Players from Other countries may not be able to play the game. There will be green blood effects, full-equipped characters, In-app purchase limits, and a 3-hour limit.

Which is better, PUBG or Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Although Battlegrounds Mobile India is almost similar to the Game, you won’t find any differences while Playing the Game. BGMI has some restrictions, such as age limit. Players under the age of 18 must provide their parents’ contact numbers when registering. BGMI provides players with more frequent screen timeout reminders.

BGMI also includes a new tutorial mini-game once they start Installing and Playing the Game for the first time. The Game also deletes Players’ behavior while Playing, and it will eliminate the Game that Shows extreme violence Game.

How do you play BGMI?

Just download the BGMI APK from the given links and install the BGMI APK Files. After successfully installed, open the Game, and it will download some additional resources files. After successfully downloading, restart the Game, and you are ready to Play the BGMI Game.

Why is BGMI the best?

BGMI is one of the best games to play on your mobile device. It has high-quality textures and an Ultra High Definition (UHD) experience, which means players will have better immersion with their game world and smoother gameplay due to fast frame rates of up to 90 FPS support for all devices!

Is BGMI Indian?

Yes, BGMI is made for only Indian users. The battle royale game PUBG Mobile alternative BGMI APK is finally available in India. The Indian version of this famous mobile Battlegrounds Mobile India can now download through the Play Store and Apple’s App Store with Battlegrounds mall for iOS users available from today onwards.

Can PUBG players play with BGMI players?

Yes, BGMI can be played with global players, which is allowed in the game. Battlegrounds Mobile India will enable you to switch servers which means that no matter where they are from or what language their speaking, BGMI will work just fine.

Scout, a famous Indian gamer, has been playing since the beta release when developers began adding crossplay functionality between PUBG mobile users worldwide so there would not be any region restrictions against wanting to play together as one big group!

How do you play Bgmi for beginners?

  • Tip 1: Spend some time understanding the map.
  • Tip 2: Use smart moves like drops shots and crouching in fights.
  • Tip 3: Work on improving your speed and crosshair placement.
  • Tip 4: make proper plans with teammates and follow them strictly.
  • Tip 5: Find out the best sensitivity and abilities for every weapon and practice it.

Can you play Bgmi with ps4 controller?

One might say that the answer is yes, but one must follow a few complicated and uncommon rules to play this popular battle royale game.

Who is best FF or BGMI?

BGMI offers a premium graphics experience when compared to Free Fire. It’s not as pretty, but it has enhanced features like weather conditions and more types of weapons, making players feel realistic.

Which game is better PUBG lite or Free Fire?

The best way to enjoy a game without being frustrated by lagging is PUBG Mobile. For those who want the most realistic graphics experience, go with Pubg Lite instead! But if you can’t stand waiting for your screen to catch up every five seconds and would rather have no frame rate drops at all? Then Free Fire might be perfect for you.

Is BGMI good for low-end devices?

Yes, BGMI is Good for low-end Devices. BGMI Gives you an option to select low Graphics and High Graphics mode while installing the Game. But remember, Games like BGMI, PUBGM, and COD can be a real pain on low-end devices. They run with many problems such as frame rate drop or lagging that make playing the games difficult, if not impossible, in some cases (especially for gamers who play these types of mobile screenless games).

Is BGMI a Chinese game?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is only made for Indian Players, and it’s not a Chinese Game. However, the DEVELOPER OF BGMI was developed by KRAFTON.

In short form, BGMI is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by Krafton. The release of this highly anticipated new hit title has led to many people asking about how it will work on their iOS devices, giving answers so far, at least for Android users in India.

Is BGMI sharing data with the Chinese?

The developers of Battlegrounds Mobile India have announced that they have fixed the bug, and data from players’ accounts are no longer being sent to Chinese servers.

How to install BGMI Game using APK file

Download the BGMI APK Download the BGMI APK file from here. Install it on your android device. Make sure you have enabled Unknown Source before installing the Game.

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