Banglalink Emergency Main Balance
Banglalink Emergency Main Balance

Banglalink Emergency Main Balance

Ran out of balance? Enjoy a minimum credit advance and communicate during urgent times even with a zero balance! You can get a maximum emergency main balance up to Tk. 200 Tk by dialing *121*5# based on your usage.

In our fast-paced lives, staying connected is crucial. Whether it’s an important call, a message to a loved one, or accessing the internet, having a reliable mobile balance is essential. But what happens when your main balance runs low, and you’re in urgent need of communication? That’s where Banglalink’s Emergency Main Balance comes to the rescue.

What Is Banglalink Emergency Main Balance?

Banglalink, one of Bangladesh’s leading mobile operators, understands that emergencies can strike at any time. When your main account balance drops below 20 TK, you become eligible for the Emergency Main Balance service. With this feature, you can get an instant loan of up to 200 BDT to continue making calls, sending messages, or using data until your next recharge.

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Banglalink Emergency Main Balance

How to Get Banglalink Emergency Balance?

  1. Check Eligibility:
    • Dial *874*9# to verify if you qualify for the Emergency Balance service.
    • Your main account balance should be less than 20 TK to be eligible.
  2. Request Emergency Balance:
    • If eligible, dial *874# to receive the emergency balance instantly.
    • You can use this balance for any purpose—making calls, sending texts, or browsing the internet.
  3. Usage and Repayment:
    • The borrowed amount will be added to your main account balance.
    • After your next recharge, the Emergency Balance will be deducted along with a 2 TK service charge (for loans of 15 BDT or above).
    • Remember that you cannot request another emergency balance until the previous one is adjusted.
  4. Checking Balance:
    • To check your Emergency Balance, dial *124#.
    • For status information, use *121*1# or *874*0#.

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Additional Points to Note:

  • The Emergency Balance can be used for everything, including purchasing internet packs.
  • New Banglalink connections become eligible for this service after 30 days of activation.
  • For a quick 10 BDT emergency balance without any charge, dial *874*10#.

Remember, Banglalink’s Emergency Main Balance ensures that you stay connected even during critical moments. So, keep the unique code *874# handy and enjoy uninterrupted communication!


  • Emergency main balance can be used for any purpose.
  • After availing of the emergency balance, the loan amount will be automatically adjusted on the next recharge.
  • If any customer takes emergency balance services, then the due will be adjusted first on any pack/offer recharge below or equal to Tk. 100 (Once on the same day). The rest amount will be added to the main account balance (if any). 
  • No SMS notification fee will be applicable for availing any loan amount.
  • Based on usage criteria, customers will get a Banglalink emergency balance.
  • Your request will be invalid if you have any previous unpaid Banglalink emergency amounts/Banglalink emergency internet/ Banglalink minute internet.
  • All Banglalink Prepaid and Call & Control customers can enjoy this service.
  • Any Banglalink Prepaid and Call & Control customers can avail of Tk. 10 emergency main balance by dialing *874*10# (No SMS charge applicable).
  • New connections/ new users can avail this service after 30 days of activation.
  • Check the loan eligibility/loan balance/status details dial *121*5# & *121*1#

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