Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer | 1GB Free | Reactivate SIM | 5GB 49Tk
Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer | 1GB Free | Reactivate SIM | 5GB 49Tk

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer | 1GB Free | Reactivate SIM | 5GB 49Tk

Banglalink Friend SIM Offer 2022:

For the returning Banglalink subscribers, Banglalink is offering many amazing offers, including great Internet and minutes.

By re-activating your Banglalink prepaid SIM, you will get 1 GB (Facebook) Internet for Free, and you will get a 48 paisa call rate and 5GB internet for only 49 Taka.

Only returning Banglalink subscribers can enjoy these offers. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to talk at the lowest prices in the country. All prepaid customers will enjoy this offer.

Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer:

You are getting great internet and minutes and the lowest time talk time offers with the Banglalink Bandho connection. Only Banglalink is giving you the best service at the lowest price for the most extended period.

Moreover, this package comes with 1 GB (free) Facebook and 48 paisa minute talk time and 5 GB internet for only 49 Taka. If you apply for the Bondho offer, you can enjoy all the internet offers below.


Bondho SIM Internet Packages

Data Pack Data Price Active Code Validity
5GB Tk. 49 *121*200# 30 days
1GB Facebook Tk. 11 *121*200# 30 days
1GB + 35 Min Tk. 38 *121*200# 7 Days
3GB Tk. 49 Buy Link 7 Days

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Banglalink Bondho SIM Offer | 1GB Free | Reactivate SIM | 5GB 49Tk

Bondho SIM Minute Pack

Minute Pack Minute Price Active Code Validity
19 Minute Tk. 12 121*12# 2 Days
28 Minute Tk. 17 121*17# 2 Days
1 Paisa/Sec Tk. 21 - 3 Days
45 Minute Tk. 27 *121*27# 3 Days
47 Paisa Tk. 29 *121*1*2# 3 Days
55 Minute Tk. 37 *121*37# 4 Days
1 Paisa/Sec Tk. 39 - 7 Days
90 Minute Tk. 57 *121*57# 7 Days
47 Paisa/Sec Tk. 59 *121*1*2# 7 Days
120 Minute Tk. 74 *121*74# 7 Days
175 Minute Tk. 107 *166*175# 15 Days
47 Paisa/Sec Tk. 109 *121*1*2# 30 Days
250 Minute Tk. 157 *121*157# 30 Days
300 Minute Tk. 197 *166*197# 30 Days
340 Minute Tk. 207 *121*207# 30 Days

How To Check Bandho SIM Offer?

Banglalink Bandho SIM offer check is very easy and quick to check. You can check the free SIM offer. You can check online quickly if you want, or you can check by SMS as an alternative method.

Nowadays, friends SIM offer check via SMS is a favoured medium. You can quickly check off the connection by sending an SMS from your mobile.

It’s completely free. First, go to the message option on your mobile, type the Owner’s mobile number and send to 0190000000 4343 or dial * 121 * 200 #. This way, you can quickly check the close connection.

Example: 0190000000 to send 4343Or dial *121*200#

First Recharge Offer (5GB):

By activating the Banglalink connection, you will get 1 GB (free) Facebook internet + 5 GB regular internet and 48 paisa per minute for only 49 taka for the first recharge.

You can purchase this offer only 1 time. You can enjoy internet and minute offers for 30 days. These offers are only applicable for the first recharge. To get this offer recharge 49 Taka.

  • To check the offer dial * 121 * 200 #
  • Recharge 49 Taka to activate the internet pack.
  • Data and minute packs are valid for 30 days.
  • You can purchase this offer one time.

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Second Time Recharge Offer:

For the second time, Banglalink Bondho SIM you can recharge 49 Taka to enjoy 3GB Internet, validity is 7 months. You can buy this offer as many times as you want in two months.

Come back to the Banglalink network by activating your closed connection and enjoy excellent internet offers. You also get 500 MB, 1 GB and minute offers. You can check Banglalink internet offer 2022.

  • Recharge 49 Taka to activate the offer.
  • You can purchase the data package as many times as you like in two months.
  • Internet offer is valid for 07 days.
  • You can purchase more than once.

1 GB Free Facebook Pack:

In a lockdown, stay home safe your life & you can enjoy 1GB Free internet of Banglalink. Banglalink free internet offer on this website, you can enjoy the offer. To avail of this offer, dial * 121 * 200 #. Enjoy 1 GB for free for Facebook only.

  • To get this offer, Press * 121 * 200 #
  • The internet validity is 30 days.
  • You can purchase this offer only one time.

Special Call Rate Offers:

By activating your old Banglalink SIM reactivate, you can get Amazing offers. Enjoy the best call rates in the country with your (Reactivate SIM).

Banglalink is paying 1 paisa per second for your return, talk to any local operator. From Banglalink you can talk to Banglalink by 45 paise per minute.

  • After Recharge 39 Taka, 1p/sec (Any Local Operator) used with VAT, validity 15 days.
  • Then, Second time 27 Taka recharge, you can enjoy 45p/min ( 1 Second Pulse). You can use any operator, minute validity of 7 days.
  • And, Third time 57 Taka recharge or dial *121*200# to enjoy 90 Minute (any local Number), Validity 30 days. Check minute dial *123*300#

What is Banglalink service?

Banglalink’s network services have been provided all over the country. At present Banglalink operator has about one crore subscribers.

Banglalink has launched a new number with the 013 code. The company was founded in 2003. Their network service is increasing day by day.

They have introduced a 3.5G and a 4.5G network connection and have provided a 4.5G network through about 70% of the people in the country.

I think 4.5 will be the most attractive and robust network for customers.

Meanwhile, Banglalink Bondho SIM has offered 2022 and Robi Internet offer 2022.

Terms & Condition:

  • Simply select prepaid and call and control customers are eligible for this offer.
  • You can buy the Bondho sim offer as many times as you like during the promotion period.
  • The latest validity will apply to the purchase of this offer multiple times.
  • In case of multiple purchases of the same package, the validity of the latest pack will apply.
  • This is a limited time offer.
  • To stop call rate offer dial * 18 * 220 #

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