Airtel Best Offer Within Your Budget
Airtel Best Offer Within Your Budget

Airtel Best Offer Within Your Budget

Airtel is offering various range of exciting Rate Cutters and Voice Bundles to all Airtel Prepaid customers. For every budget amount you want to top-up, there will be an offer for you. So before you recharge, dial *999*budget amount# to find out the best offer within your budget.

For instance, if a you dial *999*20#, you will see BDT 28 bundle (46 min 3 days validity) or BDT 24 Rate Cutter (48p/min for 3 days) offer. Offer will be based on the closest to the budget amount you dialed.

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Airtel Best Offer Within Your Budget

Will I be able to purchase the offer from the store?

No. You can only see the offer if you dial *999*budget amount#

From where I can avail the offer?

You will see the offer by dialing *999*budget amount# and can avail the offer by recharging from nearest retail point/MFS recharge etc. But you must have to recharge the offer amount.

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How much does it cost?

You can see the offer any time you want with any budget amount, free of cost.

What if I dial higher amount like BDT 999/1000 where there is no offer for regular Prepaid customer?

If you dial a higher amount like 999/1000 or any amount greater than 574 (our highest recharge amount Prepaid voice offer), you will see the segmented offers which are configured for you by CLM, Data or Voice team. In that case the lower amount offer can also be viewed. And if there is an internet offer of higher amount then you will see that higher amount internet offer.

How do I subscribe to the campaign?

There is no subscription process to view this offer.

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